Kimberly Ann Borin, Ed.D., R.Y.T.

    My name is Kimberly Borin and my company is called, “Encouraging Works!” offering encouraging play through Education, Yoga, and Art.  One day I noticed that the common thread in everything that I was doing was to: Encourage!  So, I decided to bring it all together into a company called, “Encouraging Works!”  Below I have listed some of my experiences and interests. Professional resumes are also available upon request.

Contemplative Leadership and Spiritual Direction

     I am a member of the Shalem Society for Contemplative Leadership and completed three of their programs in Spiritual Deepening, Retreat Leadership, and Spiritual Guidance.  I enjoy infusing ecumenical and contemplative prayer practices in my work and yoga practice.  I also enjoy helping people tap into their own sense of peace by simple mindfulness and contemplative strategies. I have also been a Reiki Master since 2001.  I see Reiki as a healing energy as a well as a form of healing and contemplative prayer. I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Theology to become a chaplain.

Education and Counseling

     I have worked in public education since 1989 and have served as a school counselor at every level from Pre-School through High School.  I earned my doctorate from Rutgers University in Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education in 2005. I love working with teachers, counselors, kids and families.  I have a heart for educators, children, and parents and I have felt so very fortunate to work in schools and I love continuing to help students in academic coaching.


Yoga, Mindfulness, and Relaxation Skills

         I am also a yoga teacher certified in the Ananda Yoga tradition.  I have received my Level One Certification and I am registered as an R.Y.T. (Registered Yoga Teacher) at the 200 hour level.  I am trained as a Karma Kids Yoga Instructor through Karma Kids Yoga in New York City. I am also a certified Laugh Yoga Leader and am trained in Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga.

    In today’s world there are many things that contribute to or disturb our sense of peace.  Research continually shows us when we practice, relaxation skills we learn better ways to cope, thrive, and grow.  What we need to know is that we can tap into an unending resource of inspiration and energy - with simple strategies.

     When we learn to shift our energy, we can also tap into more inspiration, more positive energy, motivation and a renewed perspective.  We are worthy of more peace and we can shift into this place easily with practice.  I design and teach relaxation skills to everyone including students, adults, teachers and corporations.

Art, Writing, and Stories

     Whenever I have time, I love to write and create art.  My work focuses mostly on words that encourage, uplift and heal.  I create prints, collages, cards, and yoga mats too!  I have written six books and they contain encouraging stories and my art too.  To learn more you can click here: Books

          For my doctoral research I gathered children’s stories about their favorite moments in nature (what a beautiful topic it was!).  Now, I infuse appreciation of the natural world into my programs and try to get outside everyday!